Tips For Curing Bad Customer Service

Poor customer service is everywhere these days – unmanned front desks, surly servers, clueless staff, employees talking on the phone, and administrators who refuse to acknowledge a customer. It is no exception … poor service has become the standard. In an all-too-typical scene, a customer enters a retail store with a question about where to find a product. The employee, who is busy and does not want to be bothered, gives the customer a curt response and follow what you are doing without even looking the customer in the eye.

The customer persists, so with obvious annoyance, the employee begrudgingly turns around and points the customer in the general direction of product location. Instead of buying the product, the customer leaves the store, frustrated, and vowed never to return. Most business owners and employees recognize that this is a classic example of poor customer service. And yet, this scene repeats itself constantly in modern society. Negativity breeds negativity, and, finally, nobody is happy.

"Never, never, never ignore a customer," says Art Waller, Head of Regional Department of Utah State University. Waller provides tips on how to improve customer relations, a vital segment of any business. "It's important to be accessible," Waller said. "Everything is an interruption. A phone rings, someone enters an office, it is a disruption. But if a customer is there, that first.'s Why you're there. One of the most important aspects of a successful business is customer service. Waller cited recent findings in customer service. A typical business only hears from 4 percent of dissatisfied customers.