Limited Liability Company

The reorganization of the company – in some cases is a guaranteed, highly reliable and least expensive way to get rid of unnecessary over the firm. Besides a relatively fast way to eliminate and, if voluntary liquidation and bankruptcy last from 6 months to several years, the reorganization can be done for 2,5-4 months. Try to highlight some of the rules, observing that the firm can liquidate quickly and painlessly. Rule 1. Open – it is always easier than to close. Loss-making business, a tax audit, identifying violations, lawsuits credit, the founders of the conflict – this is only the most common reasons that force entrepreneurs to go for liquidation procedure llc. One size fits all answer to be here and can not – a particular problem can be solved only well versed in matters of liquidation of legal entities lawyer.

Since liquidation procedure, entrepreneur and sometimes he does not know what consequences it may lead – as a rule, starting the operation liquidation conventional methods is very difficult to finish it. Rule 2. In business, little things do not happens. Finds its way to liquidation of the enterprise, you have to remember all the nuances of the legal procedure, which sometimes can make a deadlock of the founders, and subsequently lead to administrative, fiscal, civil or even professional liability. For example, introduction of Incorporation records that the company is being wound up, does not mean that you can forget about us. This option eliminates any alternative but to undergo the procedure of voluntary liquidation of the enterprise (st.61-64 Civil Code) until the end of every imaginable tax and accounting audits. Rule 3. Seven times measure. In the statutory order of the Russian Federation held liquidation procedure, to put it mildly, a long and tedious in terms of collecting the documents and the possible consequences of multiple checks. And many businesses are looking for less expensive, fast, and guaranteed by the negative impact method. In this article we will focus on such options. The reorganization of the company through the merger. With the reorganization of the merger, 2 legal persons who have decided to stop their activities, together and create something new. All of their rights and obligations under this move to a new person, and they are eliminated.

The company is reorganized from the moment of entering the usable record of registration of the newly created ul. (Art. 57 cc RF) reorganization of the company by joining the reorganization of the enterprise by “accession” from the “fusion” is different in that firm, supported by your company, continues to exist. At the same rights and obligations of the reorganized company, including unfulfilled, not identified, challenged, completely transferred to the assigner (Art. 52,58 N 14-FZ of 08.02.1998 “On Limited Liability Company ‘). However, it is worth remembering that succession after the reorganization of the enterprise becomes a fact only since the introduction of Incorporation on termination of businesses that do, only having made a documentary checks for the last 3 years. The reorganization of the company through a merger and the merger at the same time is a change of director and actors. As a result, the company formed or continues to operate, or subjected to forced liquidation. Determine what type of liquidation is right for your company only after a detailed consultation of an experienced lawyer.