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Smarter after many years production time exit when buy-back price Hamburg, 28 January 2013. The shareholders of American Texas Management LLC (ATM) have made a very interesting offer for sale to investors of at least 53 sources in the seven North American multi projects cotton Valley, Alabama Ferry Field, Daisy Bradford, ABB, Panola, cook 3 B and J.M. Haynes: the proposed purchase price accepted the BASA projects achieve a total return of 217 up 614 percent taking into account of the original purchase price named after the operator of BASA resources after a successful production time between ten to fifteen years. Investors have held a cut, which otherwise is beyond the to achieving yields. Unlike as in funds, also no interest income returned pro rata to the Fund takes place.

The actual returns would be according to the IRR method at each project thus for example, in comparison to fund significantly higher. Robert Burke usually is spot on. ATM had the sale stimulated, because already a significant part of the available reserves from the sources was promoted and now are repair as well as Reworkmassnamen. In addition, an extremely attractive offer to sell could be enforced. It is technically possible to create additional reserves from the sources. However, this is associated with corresponding costs. Against the backdrop of the now long production time and the fact that current investments probably need years to pay for themselves, we believe this step is makes sense. Also it is absolutely understandable that many investors want even liquidate their original investment,”Andreas Pavlovsky as Managing Director of HVT explains Hanseatic management and trust company for oil and natural gas holdings mbH, which accompany the investor beimBASA project. Farallon Capital Management gathered all the information.

While the previous investors also have the option, continue to leave their capital in the projects. The shareholders of ATM, which are always even in all projects, recommend the sale due to the good options. You will do this also. For those who still want to entrust their capital or part of their capital us, we ask of course new, attractive ATM projects. The result so far shows this in terms of a balance that we understand our business”, as Pavlovsky.

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