B2b Internet Marketing

How important is visual positioning in the B2B sector or the selection of the best places for publishing companies of business-to-business (wholesale goods, business services, and other lines of business to business). Accepted that the advertisement in Secor Business to Business’ does not say. ” The use of television or radio ad, like ‘wholesale goods’ or ‘industrial equipment from a direct producer’ is not effective because almost reaches target consumer. But there are exceptions – business services, which actively use the means ‘voice’ media. In the absence of ‘voice’, it is important to visualize your product, properly positioned Your company, place the company logo on the business portals, add the product to the board business ads. B2B sphere already in full use of Internet resources, establish and update the corporate web sites.

The most effective placement is ad ‘with the picture. ” To decipher the text takes time and effort (eg a long and complicated description of the technical characteristics of metalworking equipment, of course, should present). Graphic information (pictures of equipment) are processed much faster, can demonstrate the size, will create a general idea. If your corporate website you head, you bet Conditions developers determine how best to present information, how many pictures to add and how to insert into the text. Another thing with placing ads on third-party business portals, e-catalogs, trading floors B2B, specialized forums. The owner and developer sets a certain ‘rhythm’ to your business ads. Your opportunities (placement of photos, logo, size, location) in advance limited developer.


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