When the company if installs in a country that not it its of origin, its main objective is the profit for the profit, does not exist another interest beyond this. Exactly that a company recognizes the inaqualities in a country or enters the national economies of countries, it does not have interest in minimizing or to eliminate inaqualities, does not want and cannot for obvious reasons; first because the main objective of a multinational is not this, second because the attainment of profits cannot, therefore take off advantages of inaqualities. The inaqualities are necessary in this process of attainment of profits for being the factor of production and sales of what it is produced. The capitalist system exists for the inaqualities that keep countries as global powers, and others as dependents you of the world. The multinationals had started to dictate the rules of the game in the process of globalization to the point of if tronarem more important in the decisions politics of a country that the national governments, that if had given as hostages of the global economy. ' ' State; ' , it started to be a tool for the great financial conglomerates.

For ' ' State? nao' ' , we understand all the countries composed for defined territory, recognized government, population that linga says same and repeat same the symbols of being able and proper culture. As Bauman says, the State already was understood as and independent agent regulating, meaning that comes losing each time plus its direction with the globalization process. ' ' (…) The meaning of ' ' Estado' ' it was necessarily on an agent whom it demanded the legitimate right of and if bragged on the resources enough to establish and to impose the rules and norms that dictated the route of the businesses in a certain territory; rules and norms that, expected, transformed the contingency into determination, the ambivalence in Eindeutigkeit clarity, perhaps in regularity? in short, the forest primeva in a carefully planned garden, the chaos in sequence.


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