Many people transferred the domestic duties to house staff. He is the master of the House and House staff, just as naturally used in large villas and all forms of land such as a telephone or a front door key. At Prowly Survey you will find additional information. Without help can nobody press so a large budget and a large plot of land support as it brings the possession of land or a holiday cottage, a farm or even a small lock automatically. It is of course first of all important that everything works and that the plot seems clean, intact. Not only so that the neighbours turning up not the nose, but also for security reasons, you need a janitor who makes sure that everything is running smoothly. A janitor for each property is essential also for another reason: he can stop by its restructuring, stable repairs and General comprehensive care otherwise threatening persistent decrease in value of the House.

Without Janitor are no squeaky window repaired, paved roads or electronic monitoring. The janitor can take care when needed as well to the garden and here partially take over the role of. He is then responsible to mow the lawn, trim hedges or weeding. You can transfer him also the responsibility for the installation of new lamps or the operation of a private pool, according to the needs of the budget. It is however not easy to find a qualified caretaker. For this, it is worth to consult a suitably specialized agency that can give an exactly appropriate and perfectly qualified candidates. You can find someone in confidence is not a problem. Andreas Mettler


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