Commission National Technique

For Flix Luiz de Freitas, director of Internal Controls of Previ and member of the Commission National Technique of Control Interno and Compliance of the Abrapp, it has a natural resistance on the part of who already has service excess and now he is obliged to assume a new attribution, but in general way the small adjustments are already came being fulfilled have some time. In the opinion of the controller, the main newness will be the emission of the reports for the Statutory audit committee, particularly in what it says respect to the evaluation of the control of the hypotheses and the atuariais premises. ' ' The too much item – investments, accompaniment and budget – already are known by conselheiros' '. The strategy of Previ has been to look for to make compatible the format of the report with the too much attributions of the council members, so that the production of this document intervenes the possible minimum with its routine. ' ' The ideal is that the report is elaborated without needing extra meeting. It must be brought for day-by-day of the Advice in way that the subjects generate acts prprias' '.

In understanding of the area of Internal Controls of Previ, the frequency of the reports must be monthly, even so the Resolution defines a minimum regularity of six months. ' ' If it will be monthly, the accompaniment will be more agile and the work will be simpler of what if the Advice will have that to produce two reports for ano' ' , it recommends to Freitas.As new rules represent a cultural change and structural in the work of the Advice who must have expressive influence on the pension funds throughout next two or the three years and Freitas it foresees greater transparency and greater perfectioning requirement technician. ' ' The Resolution will be a factor of change also in the governana of the entities, because the process of election of the council members goes to demand specific requirements more technician and, with continuous training to approach them of day-by-day of fundos' '.


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