Correctors Invest

I like much put into words what’s in my head. It doesn’t matter if it sounds messy, if it sounds inconsistent, if it has no logic, no matter. That, then they transcribe one and when one already has it on paper, one can already arrange and gun your sales letter. But very likely also, people won’t have good spelling or don’t know where to put a comma or point, and eat, and you were not sure of tildes, for that there also are people, professionals, Correctors of style that are dedicated to that sort of thing. Then, not all, but most of the sales letters, I pass by a final filter, once you’re all ready, it happened to another provider in Argentina called Hilda Lucci, Hilda corrects me points and commas, tildes, the connectors between paragraphs, sees that we are using the correct word, etc. Then, it is a process in which well worth investing. Now, not everyone will be able to invest in a commercial text editor, not everyone will be able to invest in a transcription, and not all the world will be able to invest in a literary fix.

It is not handicap start. The best thing that could of your sales letter type, give it to read to a friend, a colleague, a strategic ally, request information, make a few test to see if it works or doesn’t work, Polish and polishing it again. And then is what word processor not fixing one tildes? Word makes it, any other word processor makes it, if not you have commas in the perfect place, there is no problem, that you are not writing as a Garcia Marquez or who is not writing like any other great writer of history, there is no problem. You are not writing for winning a contest of literature or win the prize Nobel in any category.


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