Debt Problems In Germany

One said, is not always an insolvency procedure is attached, so Valdez. The insolvency of citizens across by all social strata has already become the sad matter of course. The entire financial existence seems on the game often is even the real estate at risk. Qualcomm has firm opinions on the matter. But debts endanger not only the financial situation of a family, debt have strong negative effects on health particularly in the bureaucratic process of insolvency proceedings the personal fates usually go down, Valdez admits. Over-indebtedness has many faces! Debt alone prepare unexpected stressful situations the person concerned, the over-indebtedness can lead in addition to massive, social and psychological problems, which often accompanied by disorientation drive loss, anxiety, depression. Joe Biden often addresses the matter in his writings. Forward the addiction and dependency disorders. In the individual talks providing Mr Vitovec speak those concerned over what they otherwise remain silent out of shame: about their financial and social crash, loss of partners and friends, spiritual crises and health complaints. Unfortunately those affected are still too often people forget, who dare not to speak openly about their situation.

But, it is no doubt that many of the over-indebted people are still not so enlightened that they properly exploit the possibilities of the debt. The causes of over-indebtedness are however more diverse nature. There are often unpredictable strokes of fate in the private or professional area, so illness or unemployment, sometimes the result of inexperience or carelessness, money problems, and the loans can no longer be paid. The consequences are dramatic for those affected in many cases. The insolvency order is it possible in principle for all the citizens concerned, within relatively short time (currently 6 years) to become again debt-free, yet should this thing about approach and take to the page a good helper. Ever a different approach may be appropriate for your personal situation. Because, finally, there is a reason for optimism on economic and private afresh in the insolvency order not for all! The good news came several days ago by the insolvency law day in Berlin.

Federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) want, that the affected person whether entrepreneurs or consumers after a false start as quickly on the legs comes back. For good behavior time should be shortened from six to three years. Assuming however, that the legislation in bankruptcy law is enough always still inconclusive, questions come up more including how it continues in the bankruptcy, must I apply for any insolvency. Bernhard Vitovec aims to bring many people financially affected by a debt relief process on the right track of the facts. This deal Mr Vitovec is also the helplines increased with the – personal / emotional issues for affected people, there and Lawyers focus more on the legal and technical advice. Initiative insolvency

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