Deliveries To Kazakhstan – Cancel Borders

Exports of goods from Russia to anywhere in the world is the foundation of the company. Now, virtually any Russian company can with our help to sell their goods abroad. There are two ways to send goods for border. The first – self-management operations in foreign trade activities. If you choose this option to send their goods abroad, you will need an independent decision of many issues related to Organisation of export of goods from Russia: the collection of certificates, passports, the conclusion of international contracts, compliance with currency legislation and other procedures without which to export goods.

Second – use our firm as an agent in the organization of export of goods from Russia. On this version dwell a little more. Now, step by step we will try to convince you that it was preferable and economically advantageous use OOO Realeksport “in the organization of trade on exports of goods. Step 1. Usually, the question of exports of goods arises from the company when the company had never sell their goods abroad, to receive applications from foreign customers to supply their goods abroad, for example supplies to Kazakhstan. Sell the goods to Russia and to sell abroad are two completely different trading.

If the sale of goods by a usual Russian sales agreement is only required registration of invoices and invoice, in order to export goods from Russia would need a minimum clearance of customs documentation, the correct conclusion Contract, the issue of certificates. Step 2. So, you have defined for themselves what to work on export to you appropriately through our company OOO Realeksport. How it will look like and what the cost of our services. The basic scheme of work with Russian companies: A) you conclude with “Realeksport” ordinary Russian sales contract for the supply of goods, you will bill us for payment of VAT and are providing the goods are all available in your certificates and technical certificates. B) We subscribe to your client to foreign economic contracts, expose him to the invoice for payment in rubles, dollars or euros at the rate of VAT 0%, open foreign exchange transaction passport, waiting for payment, prepare a package customs documentation and the necessary certificates, send the product the customer by road, rail or air transport. Step 3. After sending goods abroad, our organization decides on VAT refunds. This procedure is perhaps one of the most difficult in the organization of services exports of goods LLC Realeksport, offsetting export VAT, provides its customers with return of the VAT as a bonus. This means that if you make out through our company export transaction abroad, you get to get us to 50% (!) of the amount of VAT. Agree, this gain is quite significant, considering that in the process of organizing export your company not involved.

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