E Payment Module For Magento By EasyDebit

payment module to use that easyDebit easyDebit GmbH, ePayment Services for Magento eCommerce platform developed for the Magento eCommerce platform has developed one of the leading full-service provider for financial supply chain management, a module to use its e-payment services. (A valuable related resource: Peter Schiff). Internet retailer, their shop based on the open source operating technology of Magento, have the module directly from their shop system accessing the ePayment Services from easyDebit. About the new payment now Internet dealer module, use the Magento, integrated its payment processing from a single source. Thus the execution of all processes involved in the payment operations in the online shop will have much more efficient, because the shop owner has both operational and contractual issues only or a contact person. Previously authorised payments will be charged now directly from the backend of the shops out. All types of payment such as credit cards, including 3-d secure, debit or e-payment method such as giropay are available.

Through the Offer several attractive payment options each shop wins new customers and increases its turnover as the study success factor E-payment”from the June 2008 by ibi research, University of Regensburg, occupied. easyDebit has developed the module for Magento platform HAHNE field in collaboration with Bjorn IT. The company Bjorn of HAHNE field IT is specialized in the development of individual software and Internet services for SMEs and offers Internet merchants for your Magento store customization. EasyDebit about easyDebit is one of the leading full-service provider for ePayment, risk management and customer management in e-commerce. Internet retailer helps the companies their entire financial supply chain management. easyDebit handles all processes related to the transactions of its customers, both national sales and sales abroad. All types of payment the company settles completely from one source: credit cards including 3-d secure, debit, classic payment methods as well as ePayment method.

By sophisticated risk management with address verification, fraud prevention, credit check and scoring, easyDebit defaults already helps to avoid in advance. In addition easyDebit handles either automated complete customer management from billing to the order for payment procedure and debt collection. was founded in 2002 and is part of the International Group Data Cash Group PLC since September 2008. The constantly growing number of customers include well-known mail order business as well as specialty mail order companies, publishers and major Internet platforms.


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