Education Society

And the first assistant to the issues in question, for the parent, should become an accountant. That he should tell, advise and warn. But for this he should be well versed in all of those things you need to know the owner of the firm. So what exactly must know the founder, to established Company serves as an occasion for pride and a source of material wealth, but did not lead to a permanent escape from creditors and unpleasant trials? Where are the points at which the actions of the founder, and not chosen by the firm's management, lead to some legal and tax implications? Several of them. Firstly, it is a moment of Education Society. To see it, the founders must spend some money on the organizational costs. And on their own, a correct decision depends on who and how they compensate for these amounts.

Secondly, it is making property in the authorized capital of the company. How way will be assessed the proposed assets – is, in large part, caring members of society. Necessary weight to make sure that does not remain resentful or unhappy. Thirdly, it is financial assistance of the founder he created us. Reasons for this may be very much, as well as options for such support.

This loan and free transfer of property, and debt forgiveness, and much more. Legal and tax implications of such aid variety. But deciding exactly how to dispose of their property, taking his boss. This must be his own choice. Fourth, the very important issue to receive a dividend. And it is also the prerogative of the owners of the firm. But they should remember that the often short-term profit may further lead to large financial losses. And finally, fifth, it is a problem out of the society (the change of the founder) or the sale of its stake. Between others are completely different things. And the choice of a particular method of care to do himself the founder. It turns out that they, present or potential founders, as well as his assistant – the accountant – must be versed in many, often quite complex and controversial issues.


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