Is it fair to use money from investors and creditors in a very risky Fair procedures: as a problem arises because on one hand, higher risk, higher return, but in the end, money is of investors and creditors and should not be risking more money than they want. Perhaps one side is fair to use the money in risky ventures to meet more profitable return to its stakeholders. The procedure to invest money and more money should be fairly on capital from investors. Madoff used unfair procedures because their financial pyramid, returned the money to some (investors pulled their money on time) and not others (those not removed in time) and Madoff knew that his end like Ponzi scheme, using these unfair procedures.The fair procedure should be to invest the money as do the other banks, through financial instruments. Employees of the company Madoff were the first to know of the fraud must act Madoff How to transparency of information Is it fair that first informed its employees of fraud Why not also informed both investors and creditors Results righteous justice not acted since the report first to employees, causes them first to withdraw their money from bank Madoff, and other stakeholders are disadvantaged because there is an asymmetry of information. The results were unfair because this caused the employees to make better decisions than the other groups of interest, is unfair because everyone is entitled to receive the same information, especially when money is at stake.What you should do is file your bankruptcy formally and for all stakeholders at a time, through, for example a news conference.

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