Impressive career end that Henry Fool viewers could see the stadium at the Universidad Rey dominica Juan Carlos in Fuenlabrada. Brilliant performance by Alberto Lozano Alcarrenian User Rating representing the Polytechnic University director of Madrid in the test 10.000ml Won awards the silver medal. Besides his record is 29 minutes 45 seconds minimum for the UEFA European Under 23. It was only surpassed by Javier Carriqueo (29minutos 43 seconds) of the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spanish champions in cross country in Granada, in the finish line. While the bronze medal went to Manuel Hurtado, athlete of the Complutense University of MOVIEmeter Madrid. The race was dominated by Alberto who started from the beginning of it by imposing a strong steady pace for the brand for Europe. With it also escapes Manuel Hurtado, who at km 6 was achieved by Javier Carriqueo, which was less to more, winning the last 100 meters to Alberto, IMDB who was until then dominated the race. Fourth was Enrique Fernandez, University of Valladolid, fifth was Daniel de los Reyes of the University of Castilla la Mancha, sixth oscar del Barrio de la UNED, and seventh Ayote Perez de la Universidad La Laguna. Also highlight the great performance of Diego Tamayo at 3000 meters steeplechase test in which gotta be silver to represent the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

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