Firms with templates

Firms with templates also use expressions parser is well known that the signature templates eventually cause problems. And more if each firm uses a parser expression (remember that the expressions parser are much heavier for the server that a simple inclusion (that’s why we deleted the template ipr the developers last year). And more I present the following signature, as shown here in Coffee (protecting the identity of the innocent).- Drini meta: commons: 16:04 14 nov 2007 (CET) / I think that is very direct Drini But as far as I know just put ((smiley code)) and I would. Still think you are right, as someone said (I think it was Taichi was Chabacano) “Your signature should show your personality, for that you have your user page. 18:17 14 nov 2007 (CET) Another problem is that many users do NOT show your user name in their signatures (hence it is impossible to know who speaks without opening the dialog). Jarisleif I think is one of them. – Drini meta: commons: 19:10 14 nov 2007 (CET) The firm changed its anonymous innocent. -Apricot ( ) 19:15 14 nov 2007 (CET) I like … XD can not I make my joke of the day (I changed it already …Jarislief (Paal Hakkaa Pohja Poika!) 22:10 14 nov 2007 (CET) Drini Indeed, the users who do not show his name, was really a hint or more Jarislief (Paal Hakkaa Pohja Poika!) 13:10 15 nov 2007 (CET) There is an open vote for signatures. Drini, I apologize for how I spoke in your discussion of my signature, but remember that you told me that sometimes it is convenient to be so straightforward. Greetings, Ratchet Disc Cont 15:22 15 nov 2007 (CET) In any case it would suffice to place the cursor on the signature (do not click or anything) and see who is who, no need to open the dialogue box, but certainly sign is a bit rude not to display clearly the username – Regards, Locutus 20:22 16 nov 2007 (CET)

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