Friedrich Ratzel

Before entering, literally, in the subject in question, we will make one retaken briefing of the two phases of Cultural Geography so that let us appropriate in them of the understanding of the subject that we consider in them to argue in this assay scientific. 2.1 The TRADITIONAL CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY Before exactly of its sprouting concrete in the decade of 1880, about the German scientist Friedrich Ratzel, some scholars already were worried about the analysis of questions such as: where measure the destination of the peoples is on to the country where they are installed? He has influence of this on the men? Or he has subtle harmony between the natural order and the social order? (Claval, 1999, P. 19). These questions, headed for Herder, already demonstrated the interest of some for the aspects of the culture and had been the first steps of the sprouting of this branch of Geography. It disciplines it Cultural Geography more had its sped up development in three distinct countries: Germany, United States and France, respectively, and in each one of them it appears with different characteristics. In Germany, the great name of prominence of this disciplines is of Friedrich Ratzel. It was the first one to use fears &#039 to it; ' Cultural&#039 geography; '. After a long trip for the United States of America, it carried through a workmanship on the geography of this country which was intitled as Culturgeographie der Vereinigten Staaten von Nord? Amerika to unter to besonderer Bercksichtigung to give wirtschaftlichen Verhltnisse (Claval, 1999, p.20). This German naturalist was interested itself and considered a new conception of the Geography which was nominated of antropogeografia. It passed, then, if to dedicate to the study of the relations of the man with the natural way, as well as the distribution them peoples on the surface of the land analyzing the influence of the nature on the bodies and the espritos them men, that is, on the Buttmann societies apud Claval (1999, P.


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