General Information About The Property

Bulgarian legislation allows the acquisition of foreign natural persons of real estate on its territory, but with some restrictions. Purchase apartments may how legal and physical foreign person. Lump sum to the apartment and issued the so-called 'Ideal of' land, which is under the house and 'gotten' under the house. Typically, it ranges from 0.3 to 5 square meters. pm and is conditional concept.

The legislation does not prohibits the firm register at the apartment and use it as an office. Foreigners – the owners of the apartments have the same rights as Bulgarians, including the right hiring of flats. Foreign buyers may be owner of the villa or commercial facility in Bulgaria. Craig Menear: the source for more info. Moreover, the owner may be a natural or legal person. But there is one detail you must know before you invest it in a villa.

Land, located under the building and surrounding land – to sell a physical foreign persons prohibited by law. However, when buying houses, nothing and no one will disturb you to issue long-term lease, which term is unlimited. Minimum period – 4 years. When selling the building in its value is always included and the cost of land. It is a minor part (up to 1 – 10%), and therefore high rents is misplaced. This option is suitable for home purchase for periodic short-comings, for example, for a summer vacation. If the buyer intends to reside permanently in Bulgaria, when purchasing a building on a private person, land a better draw on the firm. Will be drawn up in February notarial acts: the building and land. In the standard case: when buying and building and land on one and the same person who executed a notarial act. Buying and building and site at the firm does not raise any legal difficulties.


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