Happy Workers

Today I had many thoughts about why people can retire from the company. (There have been a reason. Then I will not affect wages or personal primhi, that is, talking about the dismissal and not going) Here's the first thing affect the decision of the worker: 1. The negative attitude of the leadership to podchinennym.Rukovoditel should always be the leader of the team. But in order to manage a herd of sheep, he must become a sheep, the wolf as the sheep did not go. Head always need to see everything and everyone. To do this he needs all he trusted him.

All this feels every employee of the company. If the ratio is poor, most likely employee leaves. 2. Pofigizma from management. No desire to understand needs sotrudnikov.U each has its own requirements for the workplace, and tools for the job.

No need to meet all the requirements, it is not realistic. You just need to put subordinates understand that leadership is trying to meet all the requirements but for all the missing features. 3. Not understanding or vision problems that exist in ofise.Elementarnye problems, such as a kitchen or bathroom. If cleaning is not done, if something is not in general, the employee receives as a disadvantage and it is perceived on a subconscious level, it sits very deep. Several of these problems and people will leave. 4. No certainty of movement. A person should always see light at the end of the tunnel. For example Google and Microsoft gave the shares to its employees and were put to market are safe, winning its entirety.


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