Information Security For Corporate Internet Sites

As is known, one possible cause of failure of corporate websites may be a vulnerability in the security of the site’s information. The challenge of protecting corporate website is one of the main tasks development of corporate websites in the struggle for quality and information security of its own it products, ie development of it solutions for the web, including corporate web sites for client companies – is one of the most demanded today of development. Any it company professionally engaged in development of enterprise solutions for the web, always solves the problem of information security at development of a corporate website for the client company. This article focuses on the protection of such common ways to hacking corporate websites, like SQL-injection. If you are the owner of the corporate web site at without having proper knowledge about its protection, it web-design studio Oxigen advise you to pay special attention to the facts stated in the article and to solve the problem of security site.

One of the most common methods of hacking websites, working with databases, sql – a SQL-injection. This method is based on the introduction to the query any SQL-code. This way of hacking corporate website can be an opportunity attacker to execute arbitrary query the database sql (for example, read the contents of any table, delete, edit or add data), to be able to read and / or write local files or execute arbitrary commands to the target server. Such a hostile attack on the corporate website can be a threat to access to information about the personal data of customers (credit card number and personal address, personal phones, etc.).

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