Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the slogan of Alfonso Martinez Dominguez transform from being a dirty city, Monterrey chaparra and ugly with the works of the Macroplaza. But there was something that not materialized: large buildings of the big corporate Monterrey at the sides. The crisis of 1982 sent to the pillory to the large industrial groups they had to resize sizes and focus on cash flow business. Today, in the Paseo Santa Lucia, in what is considered his second stage, entrepreneurs from Monterrey have before them the huge opportunity to build luxury hotels, buildings with shops on the first floor, offices on the middle part and departments in the top. It would be the true urban detonator of downtown Monterrey, such and as Martinez Dominguez dreamed one night of 7 December 1984 opened the Macroplaza, the lighthouse of the trade, the source of life, buildings, Congress and Infonavit and the Teatro del Pueblo. Progress, despite the crisis, that is what characterises us Monterrey, inhabitants of the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

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