Khmelnitsky Market

A small selection of boards of visitors, performing at the Khmelnytsky shopping bazaar. If you come by train, never take a taxi directly to the station. Walk a little to the trolleybus stop. There are also taxis, but the price has doubled cheaper, and if there is no large bags (upon arrival is usually not), then you can drive a minibus – for all who come to the market for convenience, there is an inscription 'Rechovy rinok'. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Theft. Money. Hide away, close you will find – golden rule works and here. Where to hide? Women in bra, the peasants harder …

In any case not expanded in the bag, which she did not seem to you armor-piercing, and as if its sound did not hold in their hands – cut out. Some hide in your socks, but Imagine a person sellers, when they take out the money. The best of her bra. Signs of thieves – the big empty bags in his arms, pushing, be sure to run 4-5, often consists of a girl or woman. Pulls one immediately transfers to those who followed him, so if you catch a thief's hand, and the money he is gone, pull the police or the administration of the market.

Avoid crowds. They are artificially created in certain areas of the market. Look slightly Forward – Avoid the crowds from a distance. If you are pushing, pulling, distraction – do you remember about the money and advise you immediately hit in the face. Then you can always apologize. Women – to scratch his eyes, the thieves do not like and just dump. Generally I advise to bring a spray dezik just in case. So, after all the money stolen. Be sure to look for the police! We have in the market, it turns out, there is no crime! In 90% of cases if the victim did not go away, and shrieked, and demanded, wrote Paper, promised not to go to places, to make self-immolation in the police department found the money.

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