Losing Weight – Not Lose Sight Of The Basics!

While the absolute foundation is widely studied in weight loss of body fat for years and scientifically recognized, almost caused a week and That approach, which overshadow the focus of weight loss on the real problem is clearly willing. We’re talking about the principle of energy balance, as it is practiced in AIQUM always! This is scientifically proven principle says that will decrease only one that’s calorie intake, which is held in the form of food intake, holding less than the calories burned, so the energy (the body at rest the so called basal metabolic rate), but also during the work (sg Labor turnover) and consumed in his free time (leisure sales). Here we speak of so called “negative energy” that is generated. On the other hand are those who grow food supplies through more calories than it consumes over basal metabolic rate, work and leisure sales revenue, it is this is the so-called “positive energy”. Who but the energy absorption inBalance the energy consumption is replaced, it can stabilize his weight! To obtain a calculation basis, agreed by the Nutrition on identifying a number of kilocalories, which here corresponds to a kilo of body fat. That is the question of 7000kcal that (we consume or need) to save on the food intake to burn about 1kg of body fat – to increase by 1kg ergo 7000kcal are needed beyond what our bodies are actually needed. To keep body weight stable, however, the energy must be compensated as noted above, the calories remain as the balance of caloric intake! Unfortunately, both currently done in parallel: one is the people of developed nations increasingly overweight, which has already been abuses and the health epidemic lasting weakening. On the other hand, more and more approaches are published, which have as secondary factors, although not always completely out of hand, the primary basis of the absoluteWeight loss but, namely, the energy diverted, and the obese people in the same context is unnecessarily confusing. The focus groups are at the commercial interests of individual persons who prefer their books and DVDs to man, woman, and bring the hope of obese people who have difficulty implementing the principle of energy balance, want to earn their money. It sounds at times a lot easier now, instead of controlling food intake and physical activity accepted as a necessary “evil” and to incorporate into everyday life, assigning certain nutrients, only certain times of day or note, however meticulous glycemic index, regardless of the actual caloric intake banish completely certain nutrients and other advice that detract from the foundation principle of negative energy balance – but without the weight loss is not possible! The recommendation should read thus: Back to the Basics! Healthy, varied and as part of the energy-calorie principleDiet, as it propagates AIQUM according to the rules of the DGE (German Society for Nutrition), and physical activity is to enable a viable and healthy and permanent weight loss.

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