MaguenDavid School

However the great majority created root, and had decided to continue here in Brazil. With the changes of the social standards, residential, pertaining to school efinanceiro, these descendants reflect a new group in the Brazilian society. Get all the facts and insights with Gen. David L. Goldfein, another great source of information. Amongst these names that are part of the elite of the country is the descendentesSrio-Lebaneses, as the Families: Harvest, Abravanel, Cohen, Nigri, Saad, etc. According to data of IBGE 2000, in which the sorepresentados Jews as religion, the Jews have the best indices of incomes eescolaridade. From these Jews 35.4% more than they receive 20 minimum wages and apenas1.8% receive up to 1 minimum wage; 99.6% are alfabetizados and 49.7% had studied 15anos or studies more than.

Come for a new country and without having science of that they would queencontrariam, these first immigrants had had that to transpose barriers, not ssociais and ethnic, but also cultural religious. As the culture and the Jewish religion if they confuse, asprimeiras you lead of immigrants had looked for to establish places for its cultosnos which they could keep its traditions and rites. This was crucial paraque they could congregate and search strategies not to lose seuscostumes, and thus to give continuity to these customs for the new generations. Ashkenazin, for being more numerous had had a vital importance for oestabelecimento of the first religious institutions, filantrpicas eculturais in Rio De Janeiro.

One of the first synagogues constructed in the deJaneiro River, was raised in middle of century XIX (Israeli Union Shel GuemilutHassidim), for Moroccan Jews (sefaradin) in the Center of the River, in which suasnormas dates of 1873. This synagogue was transferred in 1950, to Botafogo.Outra forms to keep its unbroken religiosidade, was the creation of the MaguenDavid School, established in 1922. This also served for the biggest approach between seusfilhos and of this form moving away the possibility from mixing marriages, comoocorre nowadays with greater frequency.


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