In the London Emirates Stadium football field, is David Beckham training along with other Superstars of world football. David throws at goal and achieved record based on a great individual play which culminated with an excellent shot of middle distance, the Archer fails to tackle despite the great effort. Nicholas Carr gathered all the information. After scoring the goal, David is directed toward the camera exclaiming: impossible is nothing. By the simple fact of participating in that trade, the spice boy took a mega fortune. What really caught our attention, was not or see our idols of soccer nor much less the infrastructure of the stadium. It was the motto of the end. Marketing today plays a fundamental role in how to achieve having a media impact with a simple trade of 2 min, and important thing is not to join the celebrities coolest moment, nor record a commercial in the most exuberant parts of the planet, the truly valuable thing is having an impact and this is achieved with a good slogan that manages to transcend.

A single word or a slogan, you can create a whole social movement, revolutionizing in topics like politics, sport, art etc and even more when they achieve associate the slogan or message with other items, such as for example; the image of Bono is associated with one of the best groups in the world and also is associated with an example of leadership, social participation and as a leading man who renewed world. Another example is clear is the Nike popcorn, its essence is sport, but the trademark this also as an example of life and personal growth further than a simple hobby or sport, which with its just do it, managed to have a global impact. That slogan today, is subject of discourse of conferences, boards, commercials, and even policy. Club F.C. Barcelona, with its motto more than a club, not only triumphed in the sports theme, but also had shares exclusively, collaborating with rehabilitation centers, being major donors to institutions with limited resources. The best intermediary to combine the commercial with the person, that is the slogan.


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