Mediterranean Malaria

In Asia emtodo is present the Indian subcontinent, Average East, Will go, central Asia, Sudesteasitico, Indonesia, Phillipino and south of China. The illness already existed, but foierradicada in century XX of the Mediterranean region, including South of the Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, south of France and Greece; in the South and West of U.S.A. Aotodo, lives 3 almost billions of people in endemic regions (that is, half dahumanidade) in more than 100 countries. It has every year, the 300 500 million cases of the malaria, dosquais more than 90% in Africa, the majority with satisfactory resolution, masresultando in weakness and loss of significant days of work. Elamata, however, about 2 million people in each year, about one milhodas which is children with less than 5 years. In the less serious Europe and, more specifically, in Portugal, cases somuito, having only some thousands. The great majority of the cases, and probably its totality, is imported of tropical people who visitarampases.

1,5 PREVENTION Photo 02: Dormitory covered for net anti-mosquitoprotege significantly against the Malaria Source: http:/ Not yet has an efficient vaccine against the malaria, havendoapenas studies of reach reduced on tests of a vaccine sintticadesenvolvida for Manuel Elkin Patarroyo in 1987. One is given credit that vacinapossa to be available commercially in the next years, that is, up to 2010. The best one measured, ato moment, is the eradication of the Anopheles mosquito. Lately, the use deinseticidas powerful more toxic, forbidden in ocidente, has increased porqueos risks of the malaria is very superior to the ones of the insecticide. The use of redescontra mosquitos is efficient in the protection during sleep, when the grandemaioria of the infections occurs. The repellent creams of insects also are efficient, masmais expensive that the nets. The clothes must cover completamentepossvel the naked skin of day. The mosquito does not have as much trend to prick the face or the hands, where the sanguineous vases are less accessible, how much to the legs, the arms or opescoo the sanguineous vases are accessible.


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