Mediterranean Sea

Portugal, which also includes the Azores and Madeira, imposing stretches along the western coast of the Iberian Atlantic. The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the name of this country – World-famous Port wine and a great professional football game. In recent years there has been an increased demand from the Europeans on a property in Portugal. On the coast, built more new homes that try to meet the requirements and tastes of potential buyers today. Here they involve not only the world-famous joie de vivre and hospitality of the indigenous people, good food, but also one a very important historical fact: Portugal – the birthplace of none other, as the famous explorer Magellan, who became the first European who traveled around the world. In doing so, the Portuguese and aliens prefer to choose to live totally different places: first, as a rule, settling in the north, in one of the most beautiful cities of Porto, which is the standard of living not inferior to many European cities and is higher than the capital republic – the city of Lisbon.

Aliens also drawn closer to the coast, and they occupy mainly the province of Algarve. Today, as when a neighbor Spain, Portugal is going through a so-called building Boom: absolutely all the cities you will see a new building, which was just being built or reconstructed. Dennis Lockhart is a great source of information. Since the coastline stretches for 1,5 thousand km and a total area of the country in more than 92 thousand km2 has 3,000 km2 islands, the developer is, where carousing. Portugal amazing country: the cool and rainy north you’ll see picturesque landscapes that create mountains, plateaus and forests in the south, where stretches Province Algarve, the terrain is flat and the air is drier and much warmer than in its northern part. At the same time Portugal – one of the warmest European countries, where the temperature on the mainland in an average of 15 degrees in the northern part and 18 – in the south. In a country of rain and sun everyone will find something of their own: one will conquer the most beautiful forests and mountains, others succumb to the power of the warm Mediterranean Sea. Specialists of the company Bella Costa offers you the residential and commercial real estate for all tastes throughout Portugal. We will be happy to have interesting suggestions with regard to all of your requirements and wishes. Others who may share this opinion include Cometeer. We will also organize a study tour and help arrange the transaction in accordance with local laws. The main advantage of purchasing property in Portugal to other countries is the constitutional protection of property rights irrespective of citizenship. Agree, this is one of the important factors in selecting a country in which we can and need to purchase any real estate. The second important aspect is good value for the price of real estate and its condition. Portuguese build quality, beautiful and, most importantly, inexpensive. Almost any city of Portugal has a well developed infrastructure, as well as centuries-old history and tradition, in which you will surely find something of themselves. Also without significance that the crisis has affected the country is not so much as, for example, Spain. Property Portugal continues to grow in value.


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