The Mexican thrash comes about mid to late 80’s with bands such as Next and Transmetal, which are the two greatest exponents of Mexican thrash metal. Transmetal band began as a thrash metal sound with a fast and interesting riffs and their sound gradually evolved into a Deathrash heavier than they used to play, a clear example of this is his 1994 work “The Inferno of Dante” the sound which has a strong death metal with thrash influences. This album was crucial to give their own sound to the Mexican metal. In the late 90’s Mexican thrash scene was not much material to choose from and each time there were fewer bands of this genre. In the late 90’s the genre was largely forgotten and only bands like Lust gender did emerge, creating a unique style, and until today remains as one of the bands that have kept the genre during a time that lacked interest, and more recently by unveiling the Mexican thrash in Europe as well as other bands.Lately he has returned as gender in some fashion and in others as memories of the past, bands such as Strike Master, who participated in the Keep It True X festival, or even Armored, a band from Durango with a sound very old school. The bands of Aguascalientes, Douce Plainte and Disgrace have a sound quite their own, in Monterrey bands like Thornsick meanwhile, Nuclear Holocaust Hercobulus and mark a breakthrough in thrash with the addition of some other genres such as Progressive and Post-Hardcore Punk and Old School Speed Metal, respectively, which make it even more interesting and full of power. Unfortunately fashion has made the genre a bit distorted and displayed without quality bands ( “joke bands” making gender in this country questioned) and the bands witchcraft and murderer being the most popular in this country because of its influence Two of the best known bands this decade and that support the resurgence of thrash metal are Mexican “Strike Master” and Intoxxxicated both the Federal District.

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