Modernization As A Form Of Investment Activity

The upgrade is a device to refurbish built premises. Upgrading involves improving stairwells, elevators, refuse chutes, the implementation of balconies and loggias, the replacement of certain types of supporting structures (walls, stairs, floors, roofs) improving the architectural expression of the building, rebuilding roofs, insulation and soundproofing of buildings, equipment missing types of engineering equipment or increase its level, conversion of external systems (except trunk). Isolation of modernization as a component of the reconstruction made on the basis of works in the existing dimensions. When upgrading rising consumer quality, the reconstruction may change as the dimensions and functional purpose of buildings and structures. For example, the modernization of the following types of works: conversion of unexploited space in the attic exploited, bringing all elements of the building to modern regulatory requirements for thermal resistance (thermal upgrading), protection of buildings against noise and vibration, enhancing the architectural expression or replacement type facades of buildings; device balconies, loggias, porches, terraces, full replacement of wooden floors on fire-resistant, complete replacement of windows and doors on the product with heat engineering characteristics meeting the regulatory requirements, the device window openings and separate entrances basements, renovations to heating systems, conversion of ventilation equipment systems, hot and cold water, outer and inner fire water supply, sewerage, gas supply to the accession to the existing backbone networks, systems, fire protection device, translate the existing electricity grid to increased computational load. The assignment of a particular type of work to repair the (current or capital) and reconstruction, including modernization in the first place should be for features and functions operation of the facilities upon completion of works, ie or a restoration quality (if it will repair both current and capital), or the acquisition of new qualities (if it will be reconstructed, including the upgrade).


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