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The euro Grundinvest group capital has been tested by the Wurzburg agency rating on heart and kidneys and has received six out of seven stars. Munich, 14.05.2013. With a sound professional and understandable for investors nonetheless analysis by capital initiators for distributors and their customers, the quality of participation offer seal rating. (For details of the offer and the analysis, see:…). With its profound analysis methods capital screened rating while the participation offers always from the perspective of an investor. First investments that were already made, are promising.

The EGI group has a very successful history”, so capital rating. “The analysts conclude further: A basic investment with high yield potential and at the same time a high level of transparency.” The placement level of 80 percent while in fact reflects a keen interest on the part of potential investors. The aim of the real estate fund is to euro Grundinvest 18 on the booming real estate market in Germany – especially from Munich- participate in. The minimum contribution is 15,000. Provision to investors paid off eight percent related p.a. – interest before taxes – to fund capital. In addition, investors receive a profit-sharing of up to four percent per year, which is paid at the end of the term.

It is intended to make quarterly distributions amounting to two percent during the period of only three years. The investors realise this so a current Cash Flow. The first payment of two percent for the first quarter of 2013 was done already according to the forecast.” “The experts of capital rating this highlight that euro Grundinvest invested not only in the location of no. 1 for residential real estate in Germany, but it is also an experienced provider with flawless investment history” is. The company has for many years on the site of Munich and his Bacon belt”specialized. Commendable also the approach towards the investors: the open communication of the initiator of the Fund and regular investment reports lift the Fund from a transparency perspective far from normal market practice. ” Also the necessary conceptual design as a blind pool is past for the now acceding members. Equal the first large investment could be announced after placement. Until the end of April, two more plots of land were identified, which meet all criteria of the purchase. One is a historic building in the Centre of Munich. Instead of the existing building, an apartment building with a total of 1,200 square meters could be there living space. The second vorallokierte plot is located in a residential area in the Munich District of Nymphenburg. “” Capital concludes rating: no blind pool: investment already in the placement phase. “Munich was and remains the most promising real estate market of in Germany”, so capital rating. Missing access routes to attractive projects are the greatest shortcoming. This must be euro Grundinvest complain so far anyway, and can continue to strongly increasing Hope business. Because while affordable apartments in the Bavarian capital are already scarce, the number of New Munich grows”constantly: in the next eight years is expected to rise by over 10 percent. This condition therefore affects housing prices: alone in the current year the prices for land by up to 75 percent rose. For more information,

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