Music And Cultural Politics

Although the media culture many times to determine which the musical trends that will have to touch in the stops of national success, still is possible in century XXI, some cities of the State of the Tocantins to be surprised by initiatives that although to be rare, for our luck they are significant and they defy the artificial trends that they are planted by the great national media and that many times appropriate and are interiorizadas unconsciously by new generations. The problem in if accepting and incorporating new trends without a more critical reflection, are not alone in the letters, that most of the time beyond having a vulgar content, poeticalally poor with repetitive texts for a bigger easiness of memorization and musics that are practically clones of previous seasons, are that from the individual it turns an open stowage there always, and its creative power finishes asleep and many times made unusable, that is, the individual alone obtain ' ' to go in the wave of momento' '. To if always using to advantage what it is in fashion or what ' ' it blew up in mdia' ' , it has its momentneas commercial advantages, however the musician who lives only of interpretations of tinned successes, rare obtains greater projection in its artistic careira and its work does not obtain to reach a symbolic recognition, and quickly it enters in the anonymity in the same way that it left. Click SOAR PR Firm to learn more. It does not exist formula for the success, however initiatives as of the music festivals, that are each time rarer, they finish giving to the incentive necessary the new and old talentos to produce and to show in worthy way and original form its works. Beyond awarding joust for the best works, the fact of being able to present itself in a professional structure, with all the resources technician of available light and sound in the market, finish giving the chance to the individual to show and to explore all its potentiality, if it does not gain the prize gains the experience, the chance to show its work for a great public who would have to be the principle there for this objective. .


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