New Biocidal Regulation

From 2013 the new EU biocidal regulation: Regulation (EC) No. 528/2012 manufacturer and distributor of biocides should therefore gradually familiarize yourself with the new legislation. Practically important changes already affect the scope of the biocides legislation: Although this already been anything other than eng has been designed by the case-law, there is a renewed expansion by the new regulation. So in future also treated goods (treated articles”), as well as the in-situ production fall under the biocidal products regime. On the other hand some clarifications of the product types, which may have a limiting effect on the scope of the biocides right can be found in the definition of biocidal products types in annex V to the regulation. New is the ability of a so-called Union approval, i.e. an EU-wide authorisation by the European Commission for such biocidal products for similar conditions of use apply throughout the Union. Also the approval should be simplified through the concept of the Biocidal product family”(formerly: framework formulation).

Also the approval of private-label products, i.e. biocides, which are marketed under various trademarks, should be easier in the future, where needed, yet the adoption of implementing measures by the European Commission. Whether the proposed simplification take effect in practice, you will have to wait. Overall, the marketing of biocides remains a highly complex and time-consuming matter..

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