Program Stock

The program is divided in three areas of attendance that is in the Health, the Education and the Social Assistance. Through the Health the nutricional accompaniment is made, the accompaniment of the gestantes in its prenatal one and also he develops a fiscalization of the health of family, where this fiscalization is made by Communitarian Agents of Sade (ASC) and by the teams of Health in Famlia (PSF). In the education she verifies if the children are frequenting the school and also she observes its performance of development in the pertaining to school activities. The social assistance fiscalizes the families who if fit in the obrigatoriedades of the program. As story of a mother registered in cadastre in the program ' ' This program of the government brought security in my life, therefore it me to give confidence of that the days I go to have a food plate to give to my children, I has 3 small children, one of 7 years, one of 5 years and one of 2 years, I do not have I eat to work, my husband works in roa and what it earns not to give pra to support the house, and if it was not the Stock market Family I nor I know what I would be of ns' ' (Elizabete Milk of Souza). Then analyzing this and other depositions that I did not cite here I arrive the conclusion that the program is adjusted the situation of this family and the several integrated others to program. In the analysis of the Equity: one verifies the registered in cadastre families if they fit in the norms of the program and that its benefits are being distributed in compatible way joust and with the necessities using them. Standards of established References to judge the performance of evaluation of the Program Stock market Family in the City of Absolute Pianc-PB.Padro: The Program Stock market Family in the city of Pianc represents resulted significant and its goals had been reached in what respect is said its three divisions that are in the Health, the Education and the Social Action.

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