Roger Jett Cable

In adaptable to the needs of data center premises wiring from the ceiling needs to bypass a variety of obstacles. And although such "maneuvers" can be met (as, essentially, and have sometimes Green's deal with the company for its customers), they are not always simple and cheap. For some data center managers when deciding about the place pulling cable is a critical factor such as the external appeal halls. "Some data centers have become places of" entertainment concepts ", arranged by the owners for their clients or investors – notices from the company Panduit. – Many of the owners of DCs do not want anything to place over the enclosure for aesthetic reasons. " There are other reasons that may persuade the owner of a data center to accommodate cabling under the raised floor.

During her presentation, Julie Roy of C2 Consulting companies stated that Most computer systems provide connections for cables from below. And Roger Jett adds that many users a cable channel over the cabinets and the other – under the raised floor. In some cases, users pave the raised floor only power cables, and sometimes – and the power and information. Where to go under the floor of Andy said that, if the information cabling runs under the raised floor, "to protect and support introduced into the racks and racks of cables is very important to lay the cable route in the immediate vicinity of the entry to the specified mounting components. "When you pave the cable under the raised floor, it is important to place it as possible above concrete floors of the building and as close to the raised floor "- says Tony Lukabill of the company's gs Metals, adding that it provides a passage under the raised floor maximum possible volume of air flow. He also said that any passing under the raised floor cables, including power cables in the cold aisle data center should be placed in cable trays, mounted on concrete floors.

Cables of various types better be laid in separate trays. Strict requirement in this situation is to install underground cabling support systems in the hot aisles DCs. In this case, the heat generated by cables will not heat the cold air moving in equipment. And if you have a need for access to the cables, then picked up floor tiles for access circulation is not disturbed airflow in the cold passage. How and when laying cable lines on top of the premises, the organization of underground cable channels requires coordination specialists scs with other services data center. Although, as already mentioned, ideally under raised floor should not take anything other than cold air, in reality, there is often lie and other engineering systems. When data center managers to make a decision about where to lay cable route – over the mounting racks or under the raised floor, they must take into account such factors as the specific design of the building, the need for cooling equipment and provision of aesthetic characteristics. Selection criteria – The set, and they can contradict each other. But regardless of the method chosen, including the simultaneous use of cable channels of both spaces, the problem with a circuit other communications services, data center you are actually guaranteed.


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