Sacrament City

In the two you complete editions of the Fair the International of Tourism in Buenos Aires, (2006 and 07) Colony Department and Colony of the Sacrament City was including in stand of the Buquebus Company, leaving tied the promotion of the tourist site, with private interests related directly to a National Government in opposition to the departmental one and very far from the interest of other departmental Governments like the one of Maldonado also aligned with the National. Anybody does not agree? In this stage of the world-wide economy in which the services occupy a so important place, the tourism stands out like " The ACTIVIDAD" extreme-dynamic, that needs intelligent and fast reactions, especially by its capacity to generate major amount of use by investment unit, something that would have to excessively interest all the Uruguayan. And in particular to the colonienses with colonienses interests. Mrs Directora de Turismo is of Canelones and to thus it goes us. However the President of the Gastronomical Camera of Colony is Argentine, but with restaurant in the city and very tie and interested in our development. We must transmit and concientizar that the consumers are changing very fast in their habits and the things that are trying to acquire, because the information is much more ample on things that previously not even knew that they existed.

The problem is that of a side it on the other changes to the consumer and products, but the intermediary who must contact to both seemed that for one hundred years he has not been becoming, maintaining the same form to promote and to make businesses. The Internet is varying much that process of intermediation. It is necessary to understand that if speed of the changes that are happening outside, is much greater than the speed with that it is reacted, we are dead as destiny, and still we did not realize! It is necessary to let know him to people, to the population everything, that the tourism generates uses, because they generally tie it with the pleasure and the vacations and do not perceive what is behind: hundreds of quick activation and jobs of the economy.


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