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Manufactured mobile stands pop up with different sizes, which allows you to choose a convenient size for any event in the pavilion or at the presentation. Folded mobile stands pop up conveniently carried in a special carrying case or box-platform, so these stands are convenient and transportation, and at the exhibition. Boxing stands are typically used as a promotional stand, so the composition with the use of popup is complete. Pop up stands can be used repeatedly, easily changing the graphic panels. Thus, the use of mobile stands pop up ideally suited to participate in exhibitions and presentations, exhibits at registration or as a self-advertising vehicle – it is convenient and economical, practical and effective. As optional equipment to stand pop-up frequently used lamps. The use of lighting makes the image clearer, focuses on the advertising message. Stand pop can be both the main and the additional element of the exhibition exposure.

In other words, the pop-up booths are very comfortable, versatile mobile stands, designed to showcase the huge graphic panels. Exhibition stands popup have many accessories, including them the opportunity to add lighting to a graphic image to increase its effectiveness. Buying a mobile stand popup will be an excellent investment that you make in your business, they create an image that you want to example of professionalism, or youth and style, and thus, they attract the expected audience. Use a mobile booth popup possible in any room. You can put it in his office and used to presentations during business meetings, etc. Use stands popup variously, in addition, you can supplement them with other advertising structures, small banner stands and Brochure.

Buying a mobile stands popup make sure that the material and size that you chose will be perfect for long-term use. Choose mobile stands well-known brands – it will be the key to a successful long-term investment in marketing program of your company. cc Riword – a leading manufacturer and supplier of advertising equipment recalls that vnashem Shop, every day of the new special offer. Visit our Demo Room at: Moscow, nab. d.4


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