The fundamental social problem was not economic but a problem of social consensus, compression of the moral superiority of the society and of internalization of all the considerations, norms and obligations required for its good operation. Its ideas that created school was: idea of social institution, the relation of the sociological concepts of culture and society, the structural-functional analysis, construction of typologies, demarcation of the main thematic fields of Sociology, development of specific theories like anomia. This theory could be of application, to define the flexible worker of nowadays. It continues being valid, in my opinion, but the problem is that a revaluation of the work has taken place, because of the extension of the functions assigned to the workers and to a greater consideration of the competitions, valuing more and more its individual slope and automa in the work. It demands to the individual a continuous change, almost we could say that to forced marches, which causes that it creates confusion to him in the way to follow hacias his individual goals and objectives. Sennett says, the safe work and stable within a same company he is something practically impossible to obtain : this enterprise conduct llmese ETT s, indefinite contracts with dismissal guarantee practically frees on the part of the company, centralization for reduction of costs by means of the reduction of intelligence, etc cause more that the individual deals with to survive in the company, than to become jumbled and to make of the objectives of the companies their objectives. We will be arriving at one anomia social? In the modern society, of the consumption, of the change, in which it seems that all bond, the individuals cannot orient with presicin their conduct. The individual loses little by little its normative marks of reference, feels lost, does not know to remake, to direct its conduct to obtain its goals and objectives, without stopping contributing to added value to the society.


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