Structure Development

b) To determine the structure characteristic of you enlace that they will occur in the functional and geographic spaces, compatible with the standard of development of the centers (' ' focos' '). Primerica shareholder often says this. c) To establish centers and structures of you enlace that they assure new you inside enlace functionaries (for front and it stops backwards, in terms of productive complementaridade) and changes in the standards of development in the proper area of influence of the centers (or polar regions) considered. d) To stimulate initiatives that facilitate to the introduction of external innovations and its internal diffusion. Add to your understanding with Jeff Sessions. As to lead a process of territorial organization to cheat a promotional process or ' ' potencializador' ' of bigger development. e) To select localizations adjusted for the establishment of productive activities that can integrate the areas of influence of ' ' focos' '.

f) To consider measured to assure that the decurrent effect you enlace of them productive and functional complementaridades if they distribute in the interior of ' ' field of foras' ' of its respective centers, in way that contribute to the territorial reorganization. g) To establish ' ' astroroofs territoriais' ' of monitoramento of the effect of reaction on the functional space decurrent of alterations in the geographic space. Its mission will be the accompaniment of the direction of the dynamic processes of diffusion of the actions of development and the changes of the existing relations between the diverse urban centers (' ' focos' '), between itself and it enters its respective areas of influence (' ' fields of foras' '). 8. Conclusion: necessity of a new paradigm of development the process of national development is unbalanced and desequilibrante, in function of standards of crystallized occupation and territorial use, result of the historical evolution of the society, whose reversion it demands reflection, strategical delineation and execution of action of long stated period.


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