The presence of Fincas Corral SERVICING the International Franchise Show which was recently held in Valencia was a success. The large influx of visitors to the booth Fincas Corral certifies welcome your new business concept SERVICING is taking between entrepreneurs, professionals and business property and financial. SERVICING integrated 5 franchises for the price of 1: Intermediary Real Estate, Financial Broker, Insurance Agent, Manager Asset and Facility Services. Undoubtedly, the launch of the franchise SERVICING and adaptation Fincas Corral chain to new market conditions, business strategy has been more daring in recent years and that most host is having on the national and international level. Fincas Corral SERVICING advantages hitherto unimaginable in the franchising sector in Spain: Franchise Agreement indefinitely. Franchise Agreement reviewed and approved by the Spanish Association for Development and Defense of Franchisor. Arbitration clause submitting to the Spanish Association for Development and Defense of Franchisor. ARC Investment Partners Existence of the Franchisee’s ombudsman. Senior Management Graduate Real Estate Brokerage, Financial and Insurance at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, home course of the franchise. A consultant on the doorstep for every 5 franchises. Processing of financial records and mortgage through two different channels.

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