Syllabus Strategies in

Syllabus Strategies in Corporate Identity and Advertising Policy 3 ECTS. 1st Semester coordinator travel Professor Victor Curto places to visit aims to discover and deepen the concepts, history, players, strategies and techniques of political advertising. Locate institutional advertising general government today: concept, importance, functions, management. visitors Studying the strategies of political propaganda and the dynamics of electoral campaigns. Carry out a practical project of attraction institutional advertising. Contents. I. Theoretical framework and history of political advertising. (14/10/08) Victor Curto. 1. The concept ‘institution’. Public administration models sights and correlation with the functions of institutional advertising 2. Institutional ads vs.. Propaganda politics. Definitions, delimitation, scope, and advertising features metapublicitarias 3. History of institutional advertising 4. Legal framework attractions of institutional tourist board advertising in the state Spanish II. From theory to practice institutional advertising. (21/10/08) Victor Curto. Specific features of institutional advertising. Strategic management bureau of institutional advertising professional practice of advertising models institutional analysis institutional advertising Briefing the case study III. Communication in electoral processes. (28/10/08) Mario Herreros. Conceptual framework of political marketing to political propaganda political advertising advertising forms of political visiting propaganda politics propaganda Techniques IV. Campaigns. (4/11/08) Marc Puig. Strategic visitor management of sightseeing attractions the campaign the party’s vision The vision of the advertising agency of the voter’s vision of future trends V. Political Marketing: a vision not advertising (11/11/08) tourist attractions Toni Aira. Political communication. A global vision, Journalism and Political Marketing political communication: the role of the media spin doctors and consultants teams New formats for political communication VI. traveling Institutional communication. Government as advertiser. (18/11/08) Enric Casas. Government as advertiser: The specific characteristics citizen-institution relationship from the perspective of institutional advertising turist institutional Advertiser sightseeing management processes Case study: The City of Barcelona VII. Case study. (25/11/08) Victor Curto. Consultation and tutoring of the course work VIII. travel guide Presentation. Conclusions. (2/12/08) Victor brochures Curto. Methodology Lectures. Be enhanced also, discussion and class participation. adventure travel Group work to do outside school hours. Tutored. Rating: A. Reports / Working Group B. Final project evaluation Calls Date subject (first call): Delivery of final draft on 2 December 2008 Date of second call: September 15, 2009 Bibliografia bibliografia Each teacher presented according to their specified field. As introductory bibliography: General Administration of the State. Annual Plan tourist information Disclosure and Institutional 2008. Online London: General State Administration, 2007. Consulta: 15 April 2007 AIRA, T. Marketing destination politic: L’art de guanyar eleccions.

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