Voy Vallenato

Vallenato is a rhythm of Colombian indigenous folklore, with great popularity on a national level. Samarium Carlos Vives has broken the borders with this musical rhythm. Eventually, was born a special dedication in acting, since by his attractive physique, it was requested as a heartthrob soap operas. His acting career was developing quickly and successfully, without knowing that it would be in the action, the means to reach their dreams. Your gateway to success was the telenovela spare the life of Rafael Escalona, where he enjoyed enormously the singing originally the themes of the vallenato legend. The telenovela, with resounding success, led him to form his group called La Provincia, vallenato group, consisting of boxes and accordions, flutes, typical instruments of the vallenato folklore. He began to draw the attention of producers and participated in several soap operas, until it was the great opportunity, should represent an icon of vallenato, the Maestro Rafael Escalona.

In this opportunity, Vives was, in addition to a leading role, the perfect opportunity to sing, while vallenato was not precisely for your total pleasure. With the novel, finally gave recognition of Carlos Vives as a singer. In 1991, Charles organized the province, group vallenato, accompanied by flutes, boxes and various instruments of folklore, indigenous sounds, never before explored by the record label houses. Other hits followed such as the land of forgetfulness, dejame entrar, El Amor de mi Tierra and I have faith, internacionalizaron the career of Carlos Vives and unveiled the Vallenato worldwide. With a taste of cumbia Colombian Vallenato, accompanied by flutes, boxes and accordions.

The Tierra del Olvido, El amor de mi tierra, let me enter and I have faith, they developed an international career. Carlos Vives reached the most important scenarios singing the Colombian vallenato, flavored with folklore, took the world with flutes and accordions. Learn more on the subject from Nicholas Carr . In 2012, returns with a theme, following its development of romantic rock, Voy a olvidarme de ti, simple already begins to sound in the stations. Best parrandas vallenato in Bogota, make that we travel for a few minutes to the Colombian Atlantic coast. Enjoy the taste, the joy, the charisma and a great musical repertoire makes the simplest moments unforgettable. Groups vallenatos en Bogota, bring us closer to the romanticism, despair and falling in love. Vallenato is passion of a people.