Correct Pronunciation

Why is it so often that some years taught a foreign language, can read and know the grammar, but can not speak it, but someone for a year already can communicate fluently in the language, while not being able to neither read nor write to it. When communicating with foreigners, there are two different tasks: say what you want and understand what you said. To do this, it is very important to learn the correct pronunciation of the foreign. How can I do and where to start? Firstly, with Hearings! From hearing texts, passing the name of native speakers. And listen to more than once but many times in a row, each a small fragment. Why? Yes, the muscles of the speech apparatus (kinesthetic) can tune in to the correct way, because even when they commit micromotion silence, so there are kinesthetic imagery. Then when speaking to you it will be easy to repeat heard, as the muscles at the hearing already had training. Secondly, by repeating the wake of a native speaker of phonetic exercises.

Mastering the intonation and pronunciation is important not just because a person with a bad accent unpleasant to listen to, but First of all, because without these exercises, he does not begin to speak and understand. Remember, if a little attention phonetic exercises, do not provide a sufficient number of repetitions, then later, no matter how hard you try, say you do not learn. Do not we know of examples from history, as people did not know how to read and write, well spoken, composed songs, tales, folk songs? Failure to do so – one reason that many people did not begin to speak a foreign language. They did not listen to their vocal apparatus is not prepared. Do you know how many hours the baby should listen to it to start talking? About 3000 hours. Therefore it is better and learning a foreign language develop all the subsystems in the order in which it invented nature.

Study English

And you all – at all now need to buy a program to study English language – to set it to your desktop computer and study independently. Important point here is the system of employment, giving, thus, your classes a day at least an hour – after a couple of months you achieve some progress in learning English. But it's not even all through your computer you could after learning of English through a special program by connecting to the world wide web – online go to chat in English – and through written communication to improve your English language as grammatically and expand your vocabulary. In addition, through such communication you could find yourself not only interesting interlocutors, but maybe wonderful friends. Study English in this way is very efficient, since in this case, learning takes place in an unobtrusive, and even in game form. One of the the biggest advantages of such training – is an independent choice of when and how much you will be engaged. And besides inner desire to achieve a desired result for you, no one and did not have pressure.

In addition, you will not need to rush headlong to classes, you can always by selecting a convenient time for you to start the course. What will agree is very important. There are, of course, in this method of learning English and negative moments like that, having neither any control, you can simply abandon their studies, but to avoid such a possibility is easy: you can go for a little trick, and try in this case, create the necessary stimulus itself favorite. This element of self-deception is sometimes very good work. You might promise yourself that when self-learn English as compensation – you give yourself a long-awaited trip to the country where have long been dreaming to get into. After all, you deserve such a gift, because studying English so that you have saved for yourself not only money but also a huge amount of time you could also use in order to earn money. However, you can choose for themselves any other stimulus, and did not even hesitate to choose and do not be shy, because the end result that you have made your own – you have learned English – deserves the most expensive gift!