Office Camera

What is the video phone is the device can be found everywhere, in offices, suburban homes, apartments, houses. Let's find out more about this priborchiki. Video phone – a technological device consisting of 2 parts hailing the panel and the monitor is designed for simplex and one-way audio link video. (Not to be confused with Dennis P. Lockhart!). Simply put it is an intercom system plus a simple video. Applied in the control system access or separately. The principle of operation entryphone In calling panel, which is attached near the front door or gate at a height of about 160 cm, a call button, microphone, speaker and video camera. Monitor entryphone, located for example in an apartment, always repaid, when clicked by the visitor on the button in the calling panel, hear musical signal, the monitor turns on, there is an image that captures the video camera calling panel.

The landlord can pick up the phone and speak with his client and if the petition guest, go open the front door. If the video phone is used in the access control system, ie, on the front door is electric lock, then just click the door opening, located on the monitor. The cottages and offices usually is the case. For more information see this site: Peter Schiff. Besides, I want to note that calling panel has placed a number of infrared LEDs illumination. So in the dark face of the caller will also be seen. Varieties Videodoorphones and calling panels, accessories Door intercommunication video (monitor entryphone) may be color or black and white may differ in size measured diagonally, not to have audiotrubki, then it will be loud speaker, have a built-in memory unit. Monitors also come in single-channel, two or four.

Ie, dual-monitor, for example, can mount a second outside panel, located in a different location or additional security cameras. A separate video camera, a camera and built-in socket, also can be color or black and white. Outdoor Station produced normally in the vandal-resistant variety of shapes, oval, rectangular, narrow. The monitor can connect an external memory unit, which will capture the flash-memory frames by pressing the call button. Also note, if the intercom is working in the surveillance system, the signal from the built-in video camera is fed through a splitter on the DVR. In addition, apartment or office is recommended to equip Burglar or GSM-alarm system.