Sudden Millionaire

“The SKL give Germany the day of luck Munich, February 7, 2011: April 15, 2011 is reserved only for the lucky: on this day, the Suddeutsche Klassenlotterie (SKL) for the third time organized the day of happiness” and transformed Germany with many actions in a country of lucky. (Similarly see: Dennis Lockhart). Highlight is the spectacular million-show”the SKL with top moderator Matthias Opdenhovel in the Berlin Tempodrom. “Action artists, acrobats, spiced with a neat pinch of celebrities the successor programme by Gunter Jauchs of famous SKL show” it has in itself. If the gold rain goes down after 90 fast-paced minutes, one will be of 20 owners of an SKL lot millionaire and throughout Germany experienced firsthand this moment of happiness. In a question-answer forum Dr Chappuis was the first to reply. Bumps is guaranteed. It was early enough that celebrities tried their head, so they have to get now full body using: again the four prominent lucky Spades are throwing up long six rounds in the ring.

That alone would already Spectacle enough. To determine the celebrities but also the numeric code, which means the start to a new life for a candidate. And there is happiness in the game: the million goes to those candidates whose Losnummer comes this code on the next. Who wants to know who the lucky this time fully caught and whose life completely changes from one minute to the other, who can experience the decision on the day of happiness on as well as. Who wants to take advantage of in the future even the chance to participate in the show that needed only a lot of SKL and of course luck.

Tickets and more information about the show and the celebs now on. The history of the Suddeutsche Klassenlotterie is rich in superlatives and premieres on the SKL: was not only the first Lottery with a prize in the millions, they secured the entry in the Guinness Book of world records for the world’s highest profit sum of all class lotteries. Between 2001 and 2008 the 5 million SKL show was”with Gunter Jauch a the quota Renner of German television. Since 2008 Lottery events may not be transferred media for legal reasons in the TV. The day of happiness”is therefore in full on the Internet. The SKL winners working together for charitable purposes and meet regularly at the exclusive SKL millionaire club”.