The BAUR Warns Against Dubious

Alleged customer accounts are dubious / BAUR seeks witnesses in these days are mostly elderly people in the South and in the East room writing an alleged “peasant shipping” from Berlin in their letter boxes. In this letter the bar payment of a customer account credit amounting to euro 245,37 in an Inn, as well as extensive gifts as gift baskets or navigation devices are announced, the recipients should be suspicious. The BAUR shipping from Burgkunstadt hereby makes it clear that he is not behind this alleged “peasant shipping” is hidden and has no contacts with the organization. A return address is not specified on this information letter up on the signature “Maria Gottke”. Instead, an “interesting info show’ will be announced.

So, it can be assumed that an intransparent organization is attempting to abuse the good reputation of the baby to get participants for rogue sales events shipping. Suspicion is close, that it is this payout events the Customer account balances is ultimately to so-called “kaffeefahrten” where be substandard items only issued to the guest and bar cash-out tongues only made, if they have made previously extensive purchases. The BAUR dissociates itself expressly from such unfair offers and the practice to lure citizens with the prospect of a settlement of alleged account balances as well as gifts in inns shipping. He warning significantly before participating in these events. Be written to both customers of the baby have shipping as well as people, who have never bought at BAUR and a customer account at BAUR. Due to the suspicion that a confusion between the prestigious BAUR shipping and the dubious “peasant shipping” should be deliberately induced, has switched the baby police shipping and is currently considering the introduction of legal steps. Testimonies are important in this context: who has participated in such an event, and can describe the process?.