Dental Experience

A vast experience in technical textile associate to nylon, which makes that there are highly specialised in their production professionals will need to produce dental floss used as instrument of oral hygiene. Nylon chemical properties such as uniformity, elasticity and resistance to abrasion and tension, in fact make Nylon fiber material suitable for manufacture of dental floss. Commonly used in dental floss Nylon yarn consists of continuous filaments of a thickness that ranges from 2 or 3 dernier and normally grouped forming a global thickness can vary between 4 and 18 endings. Filed under: Morgan Killian. To decrease these endings (which are fibers formed by filaments), what we see is an increase in the possibilities that thread will lose consistency and fraying while, on the other hand, the increase in the number of terminations, decreases the likelihood. In this sense sometimes observed as in the production of dental floss a thread waxing process is carried out to prevent that unravelling what is flossing? It mainly serves to remove plaque that accumulates in proximal tooth surfaces where the brush cannot reach. This property makes flossing an indispensable brush if you want to get an optimal oral hygiene and that, therefore, without its use increases the risk of tooth decay and similar pathology in places where does not reach the traditional brush..