Company Kaiant Time

In the intensive integration of business entities in the system of modern economic relations significantly increases the importance of transportation. International co-tough poses operational task of producing movement of goods (products) in all directions with minimal cost and time. There is also the unreasonableness and unprofitable for the manufacturer permanent maintenance of the park expensive specialized equipment. This circumstance, in turn, forces them to seek third-party carriers. Such searches are rather time-consuming process that often does not lead to desired results. At the same time, bringing the carrier puts the customer at risk of unfair execution of the contract of carriage is no guarantee of quality delivery, problems with paperwork, inability to clearly track the location of the goods in a way to accurately calculate the time of delivery, and even the risk of loss of cargo. The company "Kaiant" provides professional services to organization of freight traffic, which minimizes any risk of the customer. More than 5 years of experience in organizing transportation around the world allowed the company to "Kaiant" to develop an individual approach in solving logistical problems.

Transportation of various cargoes carried by professional drivers with more experience in international transport. Manager that has your order, solves all the organizational issues, is solely responsible for the timely execution of all necessary documents and, significantly, is constantly in touch with the customer before delivery of the goods to their destination. Thus, the client just make an order, providing information about the desired conditions of transport, and highly skilled managers JV "Kaiant" make operational the cost and pick the best route with the shortest time delivery, process the necessary documents. The company "Kaiant" transports goods by road, rail, sea and air transport. The basic geography of the company covers the CIS The European Union, Asia, and traffic volumes are dependent only on the willingness of the customer. Whether it's a huge train with the production of a giant or a small gift to a friend – "Kaiant" deliver on time! Now on very nice! A flexible system of discounts and individual approach to each client, can pay less money, while receiving quality service! You do not need to spend time searching for possible delivery. In the face of company "Kaiant" You have found a reliable partner in the freight! For more information, please visit or by phone: +375 17 3102454