The Cartoonist

The artist put two fingers to his head and squinting his eyes. It was an idea to find a cartoon. Slowly he got in trouble with his ideas, it was utilized as ordered by his account: The stocks were – just do not let the idea become covered account. If the newspaper he would no longer deliver cartoons, he would be out of business. Tomorrow was the deadline and now the night before. Again, there is the cartoonist in his thoughts on the topics of the articles he had read in the newspaper. Always the same domestic policy: The government is struggling to a decision, and the rest of the article was filled with the opinions of those who criticized the decision. Where should I come here because the idea for a cartoon Could you express that make the economy and the media today the policy. Exactly, he thinks, I paint the politicians as puppets led by media and business magnates. Immediately his pen moves across the paper outlines roughly the politicians that hang on the threads. He just wants the wooden crossesdraw and label them as his hand begins to tremble. He wants to continue to draw his lines, but his hands seem to him not to obey. They are bound like. Perspiration on his forehead. Stunned, he looked at his hands to do things that did not come from his will. Suddenly he thought he heard a loud laugh. Startled, he looked up and stared wide-eyed at the large wooden cross that hung above him and at the ends of thick ropes hanging down, which he followed with his eyes until … – it could not be-… his hands, the permanently by the cords were tied and then swung wildly up and down. Again he looked up and saw standing on the wooden cross, in large letters “economy” and “media”. How wrong he laughed again, took his pen, drew a large yellow rubber duck, hinschaukelt in the vast ocean before him – then said: How does the duck “Quiek!”. . . and laughed – laughed and laughed.

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