The Income

Make a daily to do list, a weekly and monthly. Remember to consider your goals when you make your to-do list. Where do you want your business to be in five years, ten years? When you ask these questions, you focus on the direction you want your business to take and the income you want to do. Remember that after you have determined what your goals, then take your goals and determine the steps you must take to reach that particular goal. Do this with each of its objectives. Since we are concentrating on sales in this article ask yourself: Do I need a new product? Do I have to find other ways to sell my products? If you make these changes I need additional funds? If I need money I get a parnter or find an investor? If I can increase my business I have to hire someone? Once you have answered these questions, then take the measures that have been proposed and put on your to-do list. It is very important that you have a calendar and set deadlines.

Your calendar can be paper or electronic. The most important thing is that I use. Put all your goals, the steps necessary to reach their goals and deadlines for complying with these measures in its calendar. Remember, if you use your calendar with wisdom that will help you achieve what you need and help you get things done efficiently and on time. To show how the calendar can work for you, we will create a marketing campaign.

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