The Purpose And Essence Of Accounting In The Construction Industry

The purpose and nature of accounting information in the construction industry are of interest not only to its owners and managers, but also to an extensive range of second users, who welcome the decision relatively relationships within the organization, following its contracts, certain standards and corrected. By a sort of users are conceivable investors, workers, creditors, customers, tax authorities, etc. housewifely work – this all work associated with the production, consumption and menoy tangible and intangible benefits. housewifely activities carried out with a target of obtaining came, an entrepreneurial work (in business). to provide users with information on the economic process is constant should keep records from the date of the registration procedure and prior to its removal. Topics of accounting in the construction of the main tasks of accounting in the construction is coming: software testing compliance with the obligations, the presence and pace of the property, the application of material and financial resources in correspondence with the approved standards and cost estimates; early warning of negative phenomena in financial and business flow, identification and mobilization of intra-reserves; runningaway full, sold information on business processes and systems of fetuses, the needs for operational control instructions, as well as for investors, suppliers, statistical and financial institutions. accounting principles in the construction of attitudes of accounting in the structure of accounting and financial reporting in the building proved to be the main views: care – access to accounting expertise assessment, which should take under-label obligations and expenses and overstating income and assets scores organization imperturbable osiyanie – financial statements must contain a coherent convergence of actual and allowable by management actions and events that can influence decisions, which speeds up on its basis; autonomy – any building have been holding a legal person is considered smooth, separated from its owners, and therefore a private good and the owners promise not to be recreated in the financial statements have been holding, the sequence – chronic (from age to age) of the Organization of the accounting policies selected. account the diplomats modification is only possible incidents within national R (C), BU, and should live reasonably disclosed in the financial statements; continuity – an estimate of assets and vows organization by the assumption of its dedication service will plod on, charging and epistles of income and expense – for the sake of determining Financial reporting time of the embryo must relate the income of the reporting time to the costs which have been executed for the purchase of data revenues. With this income and expenditure shown in the accounting and financial Reporting to the cause of their occurrence, independently from the date of receipt or payment of the strongest assets; dominance essence over form – the act recorded in accordance with their product, not just coming from the laws of the form; historical (actual) cost – there comes a priority rating organization’s assets, going from the cost of their production and acquisition, single money meter – measurement and synthesis of all the house-proud organization’s operations in its financial reporting is carried out in a single monetary cola;.

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