The Story Revolves

The story revolves around BeyBlade the BladeBreakers, mostly interested in winning the World Beyblade Championships. Tyson Beyblade began his career in the regional tournament of his sponsored by the BBA city in hopes of being the best Beyblade in Japan. Tyson is in the Semifinal with Ray Kon, and after defeating him, confronts Kai Hiwatari, who eventually becomes his biggest rival and eternal. Tyson and Kai engage in a battle to see who would be the regional champion. When Kai defeats Tyson, is revealed that Tyson, Kai, Ray and Max would join together to represent Japan in the World Beyblade Championships. This team is appointed by Tyson: The BladeBreakers. Tyson and his friends take direction toward China for the Asian tournament, there are the White Tigers X (former team of Ray). It’s clear that Ray’s old team grudge against him for abandoning them, but towards the end of the Chinese tournament, Ray and his ex-comrades become allies. After this, Tyson and his friends go to the fight the All Starz, who are coached by Max’s mother. After winning the U.S. tournament, the team went to Europe, to come to Russia to join the World Championship. In Europe, BladeBreakers they encounter a mysterious boy named Oliver, considered one of the 4 best players in Europe Beyblade. Tyson challenged him to tie in with Beybatalla. Oliver tells you to go see Henry, the current European Champion. When BladeBreakers go looking for Harry, Tyson challenged him and lost. In a rematch, Tyson wins his second match. Henry mentions that even they have not won at all, because it fails to beat Tyson Beyblade Henry considered the best: Robert. Before going to Russia, BladeBreakers defy the 4 best in Europe (Oliver, Henry, Johnny and its leader Robert) to Beybatalla at the Olympic Stadium, where they are victorious. Once in Russia, Tyson and his friends find the Demolition Boys, the Russian champions, who are ruthless and obsessed with power.The boys discover that Bladebreakers Demolition Boys are merely tools for BIOVOLT Corporation, led by Kai’s grandfather, Voltaire, and Boris, a professional mastermind. Initially, Kai was pursued by Boris to join the Demolition Boys in the ultimate quest for power, Kai leaves his former team to adopt a Black Dranzer, Dranzer an improved version of its strength depends on its Beyluchador. However, he realizes his mistakes and re-join the Bladebreakers. The Bladebreakers able to defeat the Demolition Boys in the final battle against Tala Tyson, turning them into world champions. In the end, Kai BladeBreakers adds that no longer exist, so there is no reason not to challenge Tyson, and making ends there 1 season.

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